Tomorrow promises dreams yet had and love yet known.

It is a beginning only the hopeful can hold.

A new day to which no limits are assigned.

A chance to write a story, that has never been told.


From exploring the afterlife in a fictional world to the real life experiences that shaped me as a person, my books are adult targeted escapes that are easy to read and cinematic in scope.

Skagway, AK 2019

The mostly true adventures of an (ab)normal life!

A collection of random thoughts, poetry, and short stories.

Who is Drue?

I started writing at a very early age. It all became more real in 3rd grade when my teacher, Mrs. Johnson, encouraged me to put my thoughts on paper. She inspired me so much that I wrote her a poem that later appeared in a school magazine. From there, I have consistently gravitated towards writing and the fantastic worlds created in my mind. At times, these word-created landscapes have come to life in short stories and poems, and they continue to inspire deeper exploration into my writing.

I was born in Florida but raised in several states, my time in Alaska being the longest and most memorable. Though I believe “home” is where you make it, Alaska will always hold a special place in my heart. My travels and frequent changes in scenery have molded me into the man I am today and given me plenty of material draw from.

With an equal love for psychology and communication, I believe I have integrated many aspects of my world and experiences into what I write. From grade school poetry to adventurous adulthood, my life has molded the narrative of my stories. Sometimes, it is readily apparent, but most times, it simply adds flavor.

I currently work in Orlando as a Sign Language Interpreter but frequently travel picking up work in Ohio, California, Alaska, and at sea. The ability to travel has been a blessing beyond compare and continues to inspire more characters and stories I will one day tell.


“What would happen if the conscience and soul were severed? In this cinematic thriller this question is pondered in startling detail. As I read through each page the scenes burst upon my inner eye with the grace and precision of a well-made film. One of the best visual reads I’ve had in a long time.”

–Bill Rogers

Quantum Souls

Found on the Alcan

I finished the book and felt like I had just returned home from a journey along the Alcan, right alongside the author. Rich in detail and imagery, the book describes a beautiful adventure both geographically and developmentally. I really enjoyed the honesty, vulnerability, and sincerity that makes the author so likable and memorable. Can’t wait for the next book.

–Amazon Customer

Corinthian Souls

The darker side of Love. Very easy read with beautiful details and likeable characters. Another unique read from a wonderful author

–Christine (Amazon customer)