Motivational: Forget Mistakes?

Forgetting past mistakes and failures can be a positive thing, on an individual level, but, as a societal whole, it is not necessarily the appropriate response. While I do advocate for self-growth, for myself and those around me, with the idea that you should not allow your past mistakes to define your future, ignoring them as a society is a sure-fire way to repeat them. On an individual level, keeping mistakes and failures ever-present in our mind is not beneficial for achieving the target goal of becoming a better citizen of this beautiful and diverse world. We should learn from them, move past them, and chart a new course accordingly.

Humanity though, the ebb and flow of societal norms, the daily functioning of a nation as a collective whole, should never forget what it has done wrong. It is through the knowledge that “we” have erred that gives us the reminder that “we” can do better. Because we forgot the mistakes we made when our nation was young, that caused a civil war, we are now at the threshold of another terrible and cavernous divide. Because we forgot how we failed the people, ALL people in this nation, we have effectively planted the seed for these mistakes and failures to return. When we put the life of a zygote above the life of a living breathing person of color, we have failed. When we value guns more than we value the safety of children in school, we have failed. When we believe an interpreted passage from a book written thousands of years ago over the life and value of an LGBTQ+ individual, we have failed. When we condemn the actions of an oppressed group who found no improvement with peaceful protest and have subsequently moved on to a stronger show of power and rage, but we do not openly condemn the murder of innocent black men, we have failed. When we hate a group of people who are politically opposite of our own beliefs so much that we condone the murder of them, we have failed.

These are only a few of the mistakes and failures we have made and should not forget. We need to learn from them, shape our future taking them into account, and never discount the damage that forgetting them will cause. If we, as a society, choose to ignore the path we are currently on and the irreversible damage it will cause, we are setting up the next generation to fail; and that would be a mistake.

Published by druescott13

Independent Author and Sign Language Interpreter living in Orlando, FL.

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