LGBTQ+ Short Story: Walking Through the Blossoms

This was the trip Einar had been looking forward to for the better part of three months. It had felt like eternity passed since the last time he was able to travel. The more he was able to venture to different places and see different environments the more inspiration he felt. Poetry flowed from him freely, and he loved it. But there was nothing going to best the inspiration he felt, the joy he experienced, when he would finally see Chasin’s face again. Iceland was a fairytale come to life when the two had stumbled upon one another, but that was nearly a year ago. Berlin was confirmation that the two really felt something special when they were together. His mind wandered off to the night they made love in the hotel. The city lights sparkled in the large window of their room like stars. (Ready full Story) Available August 13, 2021

Published by druescott13

Independent Author and Sign Language Interpreter living in Orlando, FL.

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