Walking Within the Colors

The faint vibration of the jet idling on the tarmac waiting to taxi down the runway was lulling to Chasin. The rhythm of it and the targeted breeze of his vent hitting him on the top of his head made him feel sleepy. If he could have let himself go, he would have faded off quickly. The days leading up to this moment, the day before he was getting married to Einar, were packed full of plans and last-minute adjustments, and the break he had now to chill was food to his soul. The idea to get married in Tennessee in late October was his, but Einar loved it; he’d always wanted to see the fall colors in the U.S. The captain’s voice broke his thoughts momentarily, but not understanding what was being said, he drifted off again into his own thoughts. (Full Story available on Amazon as an eBook) Available August 13, 2021

Published by druescott13

Independent Author and Sign Language Interpreter living in Orlando, FL.

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