Motivational Thoughts: U R > U Think!

Today’s “Quote of the Day” over on my FB Author’s page was about confidence and comparing yourself with others. It really got me to thinking about my own self-confidence and how easily it is smashed; normally because of my own sabotaging self-talk. But with that thinking, I was able to reduce the whirlwind of my insecurities to an easily understandable southern breeze. (weird metaphor I know, but just go with it)

When I walk into a room and there are a group of people, especially strong men that are confident, I automatically start picking out the characteristics that make them better than me. Sharper jawline, bigger chest, stronger biceps, less wrinkles, taller; the list goes on and on for days. But, today’s “Quote”, struck a chord within me. It wasn’t specifically about “low” confidence, but rather the confidence that sometimes appears as cockiness.  “Confidence isn’t walking into a room and thinking you’re better than everyone, it’s walking in and not having to compare yourself to anyone at all.” So, if you’re like me and you do the reverse, then I challenge you to try what I am going to try from now on. Instead of immediately comparing myself to others I will accept that I am in a different place than they are and that no comparisons are needed. We all have our strengths and our weakness. I am valuable just as I am without the need of a sharper jawline, bigger biceps, and the hottest date in town. Learning to accept everything about one’s self, including what may be internally viewed as a negative, leads to a stronger sense of confidence. Loving yourself enough to overlook what might be internally viewed as a weakness, is the greatest gift we can give ourselves; freedom to be who we are without comparison. Why? Because there is no comparison. You are you and I am me; we are not the same and we shouldn’t be.

So, in the future when the crazy winds of a self-deprecating tornado slams into you, house your confidence behind the strong walls of self-love, downgrade the storm into an easily ignored draft, and then slam the effing door on it.

You are greater than you may think!

Love yourself! Love others! Love your imperfections! Accept other’s!

Published by druescott13

Independent Author and Sign Language Interpreter living in Orlando, FL.

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