Motivational: Reality?


For many years I struggled with the idea of this quote. How do I have any control over what reality is? Reality is after all, defined by what we can touch, see, hear, taste, and smell. However, what is real? Is love real? We cannot touch it, see it, as physical thing, hear it, taste it, or smell it. You may argue that these are semantics, but taken from a literal perspective they are, in a basic form, true. So then, how is love REAL? How is any feeling part of reality? This is where I came to a long-fought conclusion that reality is subjective. Not subjective in the sense of what can be seen, heard, felt, tasted, or smelled, but rather subjective in how we interpret those sensations. Reality is Perception.

If I perceive you to be angry with me, then my reality will be defined by that assumption. It will color your words, deeds, and interactions; it will mold, even mutate, everything you do in my eyes. My reality is then determined. The same can be said if I perceive you to “love” me. I may overlook behaviors and subtle jabs because my reality is defined by the assumption that you love me. In a basic sense, reality is subjugated by feelings.

So, if reality can be swayed by suggestion, altered by perception, and subject to feelings, how is it reality. Isn’t reality hardline facts and unrefutably set? The sky is up and the ground down. Gravity will pull you to the earth. Right?

There are laws of nature and then there is reality.  Some things are set. (for the sake of this writing we will not delve into augmentation of natural laws) Gravity is real. Falling rain, real. How you perceive those events is reality. If you peer out your window at a rainy day and think, “that’s dreary and cold and depressing” then you will feel those labels manifested. However, if you look out the window at a rainy day and think, “that’s refreshing and renewing washing away the old and bringing in the new”, then those ideas and feelings will be your truth.

What you focus on will be your reality. In a year that has brought us more tragedy than I can personally remember any year before it having, this truth is extremely important. We can choose to focus on the sadness that a global pandemic, widespread fires, civil unrest, government inefficiency, and any number of other terrible circumstances 2020 has created, or we can choose instead to focus on molding our own reality to be what we want it to be. I can feel sad about people being taken too soon because of an illness that could have been mitigated better and still focus on my own development of happiness. I can feel frustration at how divided the U.S. is, and still work on bettering my own self-image. I can choose my reality despite the external events that happen around me; and even to me.

We will always be subject to the laws of nature which include, life and death, but our perception of the events that take place between the alpha and the omega of our existence is a very real, very pliable, construct. So, take the reins and be the master of your reality. Choose to be the person you want to be. No one externally can change that unless you allow them to. Decide today that regardless of what the natural laws of this existence, or external factors, may throw at you, you will be happy, worthy of love, attractive, perfect as you are, and in a very real sense; an agent of Reality.

Published by druescott13

Independent Author and Sign Language Interpreter living in Orlando, FL.

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