Movies: Rapid Review, “F9”

Staring: Vin Diesel, Michelle Rodriguez, Tyrese Gibson, Charlize Theron, Helen Mirren, Ludacris, and John Cena

Absurdity and Awe packaged in a loosely wrapped storyline that propels us to the inevitable outcome that indeed there is more to come;

F9 is a ridiculous foray into all things outside the realm of reality that for a second, or at least for the 2hour and 25-minute run time, we forget that cars just can’t do that. “Fun” is really the only word to use, and after the fear and uncertainty of 2020, I think fun is exactly what works in favor of seeing the 9th instalment in this franchise. Continuity be damned as quickly as physics, F9 brings back beloved characters from the previous entries and introduces us to some new ones while trying to maintain a respectful way of honoring the absence of one pivotal character that is sadly no longer with us. Solely based on the preview, the viewer goes into the movie knowing that things are being taken up a notch from preceding movies in the franchise, but rockets, come on guys, where are we going to go next? Outside of the terrain defying antics and the lack of what this viewer deems a worthy explanation of why a favorite character is not present when his wife, in the film is, F9 will certainly have you shoveling popcorn and guzzling soda while you stare at the giant screen. As with all the Fast and Furious movies, F9 is a full-throttle race into mindless entertainment. Sit back, relax, and forget about the troubles happening outside the theater for a couple of hours. F9 delivers on keeping you engaged and entertained, and despite its near 2.5 hour run time, you’re sure to leave the theater thinking time flew by just as fast as the super-cars Dominic “Dom” Toretto drives.

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Independent Author and Sign Language Interpreter living in Orlando, FL.

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