Who is Drue?

My name is Drue M. Scott; I have lived in many different states across America over the years, but currently I am a resident in Orlando, FL. Starting at an early age, traveling and exploring different places has fostered my deep appreciation for the natural beauty of the outdoors. I am a Sign Language Interpreter and enjoy the varying environments I get to utilize my professional skills in.  I enjoy spending my summers in Alaska where I can share my love of the outdoors with many different people. Writing has been a part of my life since 3rd grade. I wrote a poem for my teacher, and she encouraged me to write more. Journaling plays a vital role in my life, consistently keeping me grounded and appreciative of the things I have. My first book, “Found on the Alcan” sparked a fire within me that had only been embers up to that point. The experience, writing and publishing, both furthered my love of story telling, and inspired me to share more of the stories I have still waiting to be written.  “Quantum Souls”, the second book I published, was my first full length novel though not my first work of fiction. I enjoy creating environments, interesting characters, and beautiful scenes, and have done so for many years in the various short stories I write for entertainment. Many of the worlds and environments I have created for my books were born first in a short story. It is my sincerest hope you enjoy reading my work and in some way find inspiration in it to explore your own worlds of creativity and imagination.

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