Motivational Thoughts: Challenge

Recently I started a journey to improve my health and physical fitness, and by extension, my overall appearance. This has been a journey I’ve taken before and have had obstacles jump in the way. Some physical ailments, some injuries, and some mental/emotional roadblocks. I’ve struggled with my appearance most of my life; “you’re too skinny”,Continue reading “Motivational Thoughts: Challenge”

Motivational Thoughts: U R > U Think!

Today’s “Quote of the Day” over on my FB Author’s page was about confidence and comparing yourself with others. It really got me to thinking about my own self-confidence and how easily it is smashed; normally because of my own sabotaging self-talk. But with that thinking, I was able to reduce the whirlwind of myContinue reading “Motivational Thoughts: U R > U Think!”

Motivational: Forget Mistakes?

Forgetting past mistakes and failures can be a positive thing, on an individual level, but, as a societal whole, it is not necessarily the appropriate response. While I do advocate for self-growth, for myself and those around me, with the idea that you should not allow your past mistakes to define your future, ignoring themContinue reading “Motivational: Forget Mistakes?”

Motivational Thoughts: Trying

Try. Some people look at a mountain and think, “that’s beautiful to look at” while others see it and are filled with an uncontrollable desire to climb it. Some people see skydivers leap from a plane two-miles high and wonder, “what is wrong with those people” while people, like myself, can’t wait to experience thatContinue reading “Motivational Thoughts: Trying”