Blackwood Forest: The Naked Werewolf

The moon was inching its way down as the forest began readying itself to welcome a new dawn. It was still dark, but light would surely break soon. It was the still calm hours of early morning that Wren loved. The faint scent of fire, wafting out into the woods from the nearest houses toContinue reading “Blackwood Forest: The Naked Werewolf”

Blackwood Forest: Morning Walk

Christian Hargroves The sun seemed to be rising much later than he thought was normal, Christian pondered on his long morning walk. It was much earlier than he normally would have taken a stroll up the first part of the Blackwood Mining Trail, but he needed the time to collect his thoughts. Mornings, especially afterContinue reading “Blackwood Forest: Morning Walk”

Blackwood Forest: Jinx Kicks A**!

Jinx Woodrow Staring at the white-faced clock at the end of the hall with its black frame and hour/minute hands, Jinx inhaled deeply. It was 7:34AM and Christian was a solid thirty minutes late. Holding her breath for a moment, she watched the thin red seconds hand tick away counting down to first period bell.Continue reading “Blackwood Forest: Jinx Kicks A**!”

What Happens in Blackwood Forest…

Clouds, which previously filled the dusk sky blotting out any light from the rising moon, suddenly parted as if by supernatural request giving freedom to the lunar rays. Crisp, blue-white light shot through openings in the once dense accumulation striking the forest floor below as glowing daggers. The deafening silence was only broken by theContinue reading “What Happens in Blackwood Forest…”