LGBTQ+ Short Story: Walking Among the Snowflakes

The sun had barely broken past the buildings behind me, but it had already cast its pinkish morning hue to everything around me. I gazed, unaware of my surroundings, at the chiseled and crumbling pieces of the Berlin wall that remained as part of a memorial. It was, as it still is, difficult for me to understand the extreme nature of a time when an entire city could have a thick concrete wall cutting through it. The cold winter air bit at the exposed flesh of my face. I had only just arrived in Berlin two nights prior, but I felt like it was a city, The City, I belonged in. My flannel lined Chinos, dark blue, barely held the cold radiating from the metal bench I sat upon from numbing the back side of my legs. (Read Full Story) Available August 13, 2021

Published by druescott13

Independent Author and Sign Language Interpreter living in Orlando, FL.

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